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Passing the Torch

For my fellow wizards, witches, and magickal souls on Pagan World -- here is a sharing of my recent attendance of Passing the Torch ceremony...Adeptus Oberon Zell passing the reigns at Highspire (in late November) to new Headmaster Nicholas Kingsley

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Site Visual Design Issue

Hi folks.

I'm new in Pagan World, but i'm a paid up citizen, a content contributor, and a graphic artist.
And i believe the color scheme on this site must be changed to improve readability.

Instead of pale font on dark background, it should be dark font

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Stones and Crystals information

Hey there, all!So, is anyone else having difficulty with identifying stones and crystals you come across? I can’t just go out and buy or order crystals and stones online, so I am always on the lookout for stones and crystals throughout my day-to-day.

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Devotional Wicca

I posted this to my discussion group and it was an interesting topic that I wanted to share more widely:

A teacher once said to me when talking about Wiccan forms of prayer

"Prayer Wiccans don't pray! "

Yet, We do pray, some fo us pray a lot actually. T

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Has anyone noticed some changes to their body,I have the most peculiar ear ringing ,not all the time ,not annoying,sometimes like a whistle, or a buzzing,low pitch high pitch ,sometimes one ear sometimes two,I've even had 2 whistles going in one ear

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3 Replies · Reply by TheGreekAstrologer Jul 6, 2022