Pagan.World FAQ

All Access

1. How do I report a problem with Pagan.World?

Use the system messaging function to contact Mary Hawk or David Anderson.   Or email maryhawk1968@gmail.com or pendavtravel@gmail.com

2. How do I manage my profile?

On a computer click on My Page in the yellow bar at the top of any page. Your personal page will open. You can see your posts in your activity feed, recent friend requests, and other activities on your profile. On a phone or other device, locate the yellow bar and tap the three yellow lines to the right. Then tap on MyPage.

To make changes to your profile, locate the white options box. It’s in the upper right on a computer and in the bottom center on a device. Select the down arrow. Select Edit Profile.

You are now on your profile page. You can change your email address and password here. You can update how your name is displayed on the site. You can select how visible your profile is on the site. The options are Everyone (Public), Members, and Friends. If you do not want your profile to be visible to anyone, select Friends and do not accept any Friend requests. This is where you choose if and how your birthday will be displayed and your location. You have the option to write a brief introduction about yourself, a longer bio with links and pictures, or leave them blank. Then there are spaces for your personal website and social media links. IMPORTANT: When using cut and paste to fill in links, delete the https:// that is already filled in first. Select update at the bottom of the page to save and publish your changes. Click Cancel to discard your changes.

To manage your email preferences from Pagan.World, while on the Profile page click Email right below the yellow bar. There are several options here. Select each option that you want to receive an individual email from Pagan.World for. You can also select I don’t want to receive emails from Pagan.World if you don’t want any email notifications. Click update to save your changes or cancel to discard them.

Select My Page at the top again. Select the down arrow on options again. The next option allows you to upload, rotate, and delete your profile photo. The next option allows you to update and delete your cover photo.

3. How do I create a post?

Go to MyPage.  Click on Activity Feed.   Click in the white box where “What are you up to?” appears.  Type your post in this box.   Click Sharing when you are ready to post it.  You can also type in the box under Activity to the left of the screen on a computer or at the very bottom of the page on a device.  You must own the copyright to any content you post.

4. How do I friend people?

Click on Members on the top yellow bar.  This takes you to the Member’s page.  Click on Advanced Search to search by name.  Once you have located the correct member, click the Add Friend button under their profile.  Your friend request will be sent.

5. How do I manage my friend requests? 

If you have your email preferences set for it, you will receive an email when you receive a friend request.   When you login to Pagan.World on a computer, the Friend Icon in the upper right corner will have a number in red with number of friend requests you need to respond to you.  When you login from a device, it’s in the upper lefthand corner.  The icon is two people.  Click on it and then click confirm or deny on each request.