Regarding Spell-work & Witches Crafts

So anyway I was wondering if anyone was interested in sharing any spells or witches-crafts they have done? 

I'll share this money drawing witch bottle spell I recently came up with. 

Needed items :

one clear or green jar ( I used an empty and cleaned pasta sauce jar) , black salt (made with dragons blood, patchouli, sandlewood, and sage ashes), a green or white candle , some green gems  or green glass beads (if you wish to get fancy and decorate your jar.) Somthing to carve a "sigil" into the candle (or a paper to draw it on should you be using a birthday candle ) 


Step 1 Make the blacksalt as you do other stuff , no need to make it for this specific spell. 

Step 2  Clean & Cleanse  your working altar, & individual spell componants same as you would for any other working ( I prefer to use a sage & citrus incense for this) 

Step 3  Add the black salt to the bottom of the jar (high enough to hold the candle firmly while it burns)

Step 4  Create a money or wealth drawning "sigil"  and scribe it into the candle or drawn it on paper (if using a paper sigil place the jar on it while the candle is burning)

Step 5 Charge the lot with your intent 

Step 6 Light the candle and let it burn to completion 


Asa note this can be done in conjunction with filling out job applications &/or seeking promotions at work as well. 


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