• I have been a guest on this channel and also they have lots of metaphysical topics.  Conscious Radio Network on youtube.

  • My own, but I might be a bit bias lol I do a bunch of things but studying for 22 years I am kind of all over the place lol...


  • By way of update I feel into the YouTube Witch/Pagan/etc topic and have now started to watch the following channels



    Mhara Starling
    Welcome to my channel. My name is Mhara Starling. I am a Welsh witch raised on the sacred Druid’s isle, the isle of Anglesey. My path is fuelled by…
  • These are the ones for me

    Outside of those the algorithm seems to have no problem recommending stuff to me. If other good ones come up I will link it. 

    Da'at Darling
    Georgina Rose is a devout thelemite, practicing ceremonial magician, and devotee of the western esoteric path. She provides educational information o…
  • There are a few I routinely check and/or support on Patreon/other that I recommend -- ones I've curated and variously visit each week on YouTube which I think are Pagan friendly,  immensely informative, and respectful in this context (channel names below). My other audio-video resources tend to be Audible books of similar content, and most definitely physical or Kindle (I tend less toward podcasts). 

    -- Koyote the Blind
    -- MagickTV
    -- Witch N The Working 
    -- Foolish Fish
    -- Mr. Mythos
    -- The Philosophical Research Society
    -- New Thinking Allowed
    -- Gregg Braden Official
    -- Nish The Fish (more recent)
    -- Ride with Mystic (more recent)
    -- The Alchemist (more recent)

    A nicely contemplative one, scientifically and philosophically -- to challenge and deepen perspective -- is the channel Closer To Truth. On this note, I tend to balance with other variety of content to experience different angles on life, cosmos, death, soul, etc., and to ensure my critical faculties are kept in check -- with awareness to honor my intuitive side at least equally -- as I work my path.

    For a top-notch Pagan-centric musical group and YouTube channel, I recommend Heilung. I find their music to be soul-ravaging, unsettling, earthy, and transformative -- a ferociously beautiful, hypnotic doorway to ancestral connections. Here is an online description:

    "Heilung is an experimental folk music band made up of members from Denmark, Norway, and Germany.[3] Their music is based on texts and runic inscriptions from Germanic peoples of the Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Viking Age. Heilung describe their music as "amplified history from early medieval northern Europe". Their music is usually about Norse deities, jǫtnar, and valkyries. "Heilung" is a German noun meaning "healing" in English.[4]"

    (citing: "Heilung." - Wikipedia. 2022)


  • I follow 2 on spotify at present one is Seeking Witchcraft the other is The Heart of Witchcraft.  Both are done by Gardnarians (if I remember correctly) but are presented from a mostly Ecclectic veiw point.  And very interesting; though, both are sporadic at best and seemed to be a more pandemic only type thing.  And while it is not a Pagan channel as such I really enjoy the you tube channle The Welsh Viking.  It is a great resource for those interested in anything Norse from an historical/ archaeological stand point, I also reccomend Jackson Crawford's  Norse language channel on You Tube,&  The History of Vikings: An Introduction to the Old Norse Sagas w/ Dr. Jackson Crawford on Apple Podcasts as well. 

  • There is one I follow on Spotify called 'Baby Witch Podcast' by Baby Witch. It's friendly to all kinds of magik, and is ever educational.

  • I do daily Vlog in Tagalog which is our Local Language in the Philippines and its called Pinoy Witch Talk


    • your channel is excellent.

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