So how do you have yours organized? Did you follow a "guidline" for organizing it? Has yours like mine changed over the years to the point your current rendition doesn't even look like the same hands penned it? Or is it a perpetual disorganized mess?   What do you have in it?  

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  •  I have a few and I will be honest there not really organized. There is so much in them and yes my handwriting has changed I'm getting old. In them I have spells, rituals, details of circles everything done in them. Also recipes, my favorite chants, sigils, lists of herbs oh man just so much and also my private thoughts and notes to the people who will receive them when I'm gone. They are all very special to me and so much of me is in them. Years worth of info that I have gathered years worth me and witchcraft.  You know what I mean. 😁

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