Wiccan and Pagan history being forgotten?

While taking a part in the historic event of the The Sacred Order of Paladins presents: The Road to Parliment-2022 Correlians Live! Telethon, I found that I had learned so much from all of the guests and talks that took place over this weekend.  The expirence was amazing, eye opening and energizing all at the same time. I did however realize, thanks to Lord Donald Lewis, that many of us are forgetting our roots, where we came from, the history of Paganism and Wicca, not to mention, many of the major events that has taken place over the past several decades from the Pentacle Quest, the Satanic Panic, and many more.  These need to be taught and to us and to never forget.  If we forget about our past, we are doomed to make the same mistakes in our future. 

We have a new generation that is up and coming. Many of them know about the nitty gritty of the Craft, but not our struggles. It is time to change this and my agenda and goal is to not only create a class on Witchschool, I am also going to write a book about these events. I will interview the Big Name Pagans and discuss about the history, the major events that they took part of to bring us where we are today. 

In NYC we used have several shops in the city. Two of the most famous men were Herman Slater and Edward Byzinski. Unfortunately they are now both deceased. Some of the other BNPs out there no longer alive were Donald Michael Craig, Isaac Bonowitz, and Morning Glory Zell. Oh the storys they could tell. 

I look forward to taking on this project and seeing where it will take me. 

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