• Bloodstone for it's vitality and clearing out negative energy properties.,  "Yellow" Tigers Eye also for protection against negative energy , and whatever my unknown "fire stone"  is.  (The "fire stone is a smooth slightly tear drop or "egg" shaped stone that has been set under every ritual fire I have helped construct or take part in and I have always been able to find it intact  save for it having discolored a slight bit.)  Pretty much all my stones are carried as protection charms in a manner of speaking  I carry all three stones on me at all times in a "sacred bundle"  or "mojo bag" of a sort.   

  • Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Citrine!

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    My all time favorite stone to work with is Tiger's Eye.  My father gave me a piece of it when I was about 10.  I was fascinated with how the different layers looked in the light.   I carried it with me in my pocket or my purse as much as I could.   I didn't know about its healing and protection properties then.  Now I use it for protection and healing work.

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