Devotional Wicca

I posted this to my discussion group and it was an interesting topic that I wanted to share more widely:

A teacher once said to me when talking about Wiccan forms of prayer

"Prayer Wiccans don't pray! "

Yet, We do pray, some fo us pray a lot actually. Typically the idea in Wicca is that we are partners of the divine so it's somtimes argued that we don't need to pray. Sure we do spells and we invoke the Gods and Goddesses in our rites but this is not the same as prayer. Yet I have also had the experience the longer that I practice this path the more devotional of a Pagan I become and the more that prayer becomes important to me. 

So is devotional practice important to your path? What does this devotional practice look like? If you don't have one why don't you think it's important? If this topic is new to you how might you approach being devotional?

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  • I use a specific devotional written by Raven Kaldera

    Prayer and devotion help me center my mind and myself. For me, using a guided meditation can also be a devotional. I feel using these help me seek a closer relationship with my personal Deities, my Higher Self, and mental well-being.

    Pagan Prayer Beads from the First Kingdom Church of Asphodel
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    • Love this book and the guy who wrote it is a great human,  we had talked a few times as when I was in The ADF he was a member as well and shared many of the same interest as I had at the time.  I have to replace my copy of it. As for the topic I have used a blessing from it in 3 weddings I celebrated for the couples who asked me & I use a prayer found in it over my meals everytime I eat (well save for snacking) 

    • This is pretty cool. I also found one the other day that looked interesting: hymns for the gods


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