Has anyone noticed some changes to their body,I have the most peculiar ear ringing ,not all the time ,not annoying,sometimes like a whistle, or a buzzing,low pitch high pitch ,sometimes one ear sometimes two,I've even had 2 whistles going in one ear also I'm seeing alot of recurrent numbers especially 111 and 1111 almost everyday.


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  • Hello Devore Moger! 

    Yes, these signs are pertty common! 

    The 111(1) thing is a very common phenomenon. You tend to look at the watch, for example, 50 times a day, but in the end you'll only remember those 1 or 2 times that you saw the number 11:11. So, from now on, try to remember (and maybe record) each number you see on the clock each single time your eyes turn to the direction of the clock (which can be many many times a day) and you'll just see that there is a wide diversity of numbers that you will be recording.

    The ringing in the ears is a very common phenomenon and can be explained physiologically very well. No connection with anything spiritual at all. 

  • Admin

    Hi Devore,

    11 is a number of psychic development,   And hearing ringing and /or whistles are also signs of your psychic ablitities opening up

    • Thank you Mary,I'm quite excited to to see what will be

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