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Within the diverse tapestry of Paganism, a unique thread weaves its way—an exploration of spirituality that embraces the sacredness of nature and honors the interconnectedness of all living beings. Atheist Paganism, also referred to as Pagan Atheism, represents a distinct path within this tapestry, characterized by its devotion to the natural world and the pursuit of wisdom and inspiration found in its beauty. While different followers may ascribe specific definitions to these terms, for the pur
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Space Discussion and Metaphysics


On YouTube, on one of my personal channels, I have a discussion I did and broadcast live in May 2023 during a support/educational drive for folks attending Parliament of the World's Religions in Aug 2023. 

Video is here:

In particular, it gives my very informal thoughts on how the Overview Effect and SpaceKind can both complement and enrich one's philosophical, metaphysical, or spiritual path -- particularly in refining mental models of the world and our conne

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Explore the complex intersections of guns and Paganism in our thought-provoking article. Delve into the historical, ethical, and environmental aspects, and discover how Pagans are shaping the discourse on gun violence and social justice. Join us in envisioning a world where safety, harmony, and equality prevail.
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The Necrotech of the Afterlife

Your organic body has failed, and at that moment, you officially no longer exist as a human being. Amongst whatever faith you follow, your soul may pass beyond this realm. Or if you are of atheistic bent, the energy ends and so does the life force, dissipating into the universe.
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Pagan World TV: Season 2 preview

Programming of Season 2:

New Shows that are currently in development at Pagan.World TV.  Many of our new series will begin in April, 2023

Chasing the Summer, Season 2:  "Chasing the Summer, Season 2" hosted by Neil Goodman, a seasoned merchant, as he travels across America to attend various festivals and events. Join Neil on his journey as he meets new people and explores the vibrant, colorful world of festival culture. Discover how he runs his business, Go to Neil’s Shop, which is a must-visi

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For Pagan World Project is looking for local organizers to work with us to build an active directory and network. to discover local community and help connect them to the larger community.  We have discovered that having local recognition is best in building a community directory and network.

First duty: Help develop the local community map, with Pagan World Project.
Provide and share the directory of your local community. This includes, with consent, stores, businesses, services, groups, and e

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Doing a 12 Book challenge for 2023

Started this in my facebook groups and Discord. Got 12 books recommended by other people to read during the year. Some of the books are  more of a year long read than a read in a month sort of things. Looking forward to it and have already started.
1 The Real Witches Year by Kate West. (Has daily readings for the year. Covered a wide range of topics in single page doses)
2 Destiny of souls by Michael Newton (Study of life between lives through past life regeneration)
3 Sacred Actions by Dana O’Dr
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Chancellor's New Year's Address

Greetings all,

As Year 22 Aquarius draws to a close, we must confess that we are filled with excitement for the dawning of Year 23! We feel that 23 Aquarius will be a pivotal year in the history of our Tradition and the wider Pagan movement as well!

One of the biggest reasons for this is the Ninth Convening of the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago, 13-18 August Year 23 Aq. This is the Thirtieth Anniversary of the first modern Parliament of the World’s Religions, held in Chicago i

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Update on New Year's Day

Dear Members, Friends and Citizens,

Thank you for being here as we begin our 3rd year of exploration of creating a Pagan World on the internet and in life.  In 2022, we were able to gain traction, focus and started a Pagan World TV Station that streams 24 hours a day.  Combined with our networking site, we have begun the journey to connectedness in the community.

On Dec 31st, 2022, Starting at 8 pm EST, We are having a Live News Years Eve show with Rev. Don Lewis, with personalities from acr

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Chicago Pagan Documentary Update!

Starting next week, I will begin doing interviews about and around Chicago Pagan Documentary History and the Now. The goal is to produce a film of approx. 90 minutes discussing this to be offered to the community and the world on 8/8/2023.  This will premiere in Chicago, and Broadcast globally through Pagan World TV.  Target audience is the Parliament of the World’s Religions and beyond.
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Heifer International

Temple Of The Greek Gods of North Central Illinois has been doing a lot of good in the local and abroad community. Recently one of the priests of my cabinent, Priest Kal, created a charity fund in our temple's name to the Heifer International, an organization that helps fund the income of small farmers and teaches people how to raise and properly care for the duck population. We are a small country temple, which I love, but in addition to serving the local Hellenic communities, we want to make a

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Transgender Day of Remembrance

Join us Sunday November 20 at Noon Eastern for our Special Report on the Transgender Day of Remberance featuring several interviews.


Blessed be!

Rev. Mary Hawk

General Manager

PaganWorld TV

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On behalf of the Correllian Tradition and myself personally, I would like to congratulate Rt. Rev. Ser Ed Hubbard on the occasion of his Pearl Anniversary with the Correllian Council of Elders. It is not every day that someone celebrates Thirty Years on the Council of Elders and it well deserves to be commemorated!
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The Great Yule Marathon

The Great Yule Marathon
8:00 pm Eastern Thursday 11/24/2022 to 6:00 AM Eastern Tuesday 11/29/2022

The Great Yule Marathon is our showcase for the Pagan Community in order to stimulate and create holiday spending within our community. We will be showcasing gifts, products, and services from across our community. This will be intertwined with holiday entertainment and a live auction for truly rare and unusual gifts.

Everyone has asked for us to do a Pagan Shopping Network show, and our Produce

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Pagan Nightly News Returns 11/11/22

Pagan Nightly News will be a deeply experimental way to deliver news to people who are interested in our magical way of life with delivery across multiple platforms including Roku,, YouTube, Facebook, and beyond.
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EBSAT Meeting: Wildlife Rehabilitation and Reciprocity

  • Description:

    Monthly EBSAT meeting: Monday, June 12th at 8:00 PM Eastern Time (7 PM Central Time / 6 PM Mountain Time / 5 PM Pacific)



    Wildlife rehabilitation - caring for injured or orphaned animals - is how Debbie gives back to the Earth. You will learn more about it and other ways you…

  • Created by: Andrea Joy

Pagan Expo and Concert

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    So our cornerstone concert is a great $10 pledge, and has a lot of value. Here is more info: To pledge at

    Pagan World Expo and Concert: August 19th, 2023, 10 am until ???
    Virtual event, presented Live from Chicago.
    Following the Parliament of the World’s Religions, where the largest convening of religious and Pagan leadership will have completed their meetings. We will present the Pagan World from Chicago, with live and recorded sessions. Artists and…

  • Created by: Ed Hubbard
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