This unique book is broken up into four main sections. The first is the tale of Rosie and Ricky, a pair of tween Pastafarian friends, who learn about bodily changes, gender identity, and different types of love at a Beltane festival. 

The second section tells the story of a Fae princess whose happiness in love is often marred by heartbreak. She does her best to overcome her trials with love and fortitude. 

The third section is called Understanding Gender Identity and Sexuality: A Guide for Parents and Children. This section includes a list of resources for kids and parents, along with a guide on starting conversations, and a chapter dedicated to helping kids figure out their identity.

The fourth part details a Beltane ritual the reader can perform and a glossary at the end. 

It covers a wide range of topics for Beltane and is great for learning about many different things.

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