Are Pagans Lonely?

Are Pagans lonely?

I have been turning this over in my head this week.  I didn't go to our local Pagan meet up last week because of the ice and snow we have had. I really hated to miss it, because I really miss having a chance to hang out with other Pagans. There will be another another next month, but I really hated missing this one.

Human beings are social creatures. COVID taught us that. We need positive interactions with other people. We need to feel we belong. That's hard for Pagans sometimes. Paganism is decentralized. We don't have many buildings. Lots of us practice by ourselves. Even when we practice with others, we may only see each once a month. 

That's our mission here at Pagan.World.  We are here to help Pagans connect with other Pagans.  We are building the Directory, bringing you programming thru Pagan World TV and Pagan World Radio, and curating videos on Pagan topics.  You can post your events, start discussions, and create groups.  

Thanks for coming on this journey with us.


Mary Hawk

Pagan World TV

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Rev. Mary Hawk has been a practicing Pagan for 23 years. She is an ordained Priestess of the Correllian Nativist Tradition. She is a Numerologist and has taught several workshops on the subject. She has been co-coordinator of Nashville Pagan Pride for 10 years. Mary is also involved in Pagan Prison Ministry through the Sanctuary of Light, a ministry of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville.

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    Excellent question to pose!

    Yes, I think people in general are very lonely these days, even when they are surrounded by others. It's up to us to create deep, meaningful connections with people, and Pagan World is such a great place to do that!

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