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The beginning of the Witch College build. 
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Creating a History Department

Hi All, The one thing that is important to Witch College is History, the gathering of History, and anaylsis of History. Which is a true thing for a culture that deeply abides by the Ancestors. So I want to discuss the beginnings of our History Department, from Birth to Grave, learing and research. I have ideas, and of course, some things in the works already. I want to hear, what is crucial, what is trivia. How to execute the stories and what resources we have. Let the adventure…

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First Class Jan 11, 2024: Witch Starter Course

A Six Week 12 Module Course on Being, Becoming and Understanding the Witch. Taught from multiple points of view, from practitioners of many different arts and persuasions. Individual teachers to be announced. On our Kickstarter campaign, this is the first Perk. This is the first component of the College.

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