In 57 days, Witch College Library Opens

In 57 days, Witch College Library Opens

In the continueing movement, today we will discuss the Witch College Library. 

At the core of any culture is their library, access to knowledge. The longest lasting and most crucial point of cultural rejuvenation.
Libraries endure, the are the seeds in which each generation grows.

On January 11th, 2024, Witch College will open the doors to its library, which begins as virtual, and in 2024 will be a decentralized system, of lending and research libraries. Once the Library opens, the Order of the Library will begin in earnest the preservation of all knowledge needed for our future generations. This will not only be our collection but a nexus into the emerging global libraries. We will have the world’s knowledge at our finger tips. The Akashic Records made real. 

During our Kickstarter campaign, we offered a library card, for $10. We are seeing this as a simple and basic way to fund this library, but in truth, will be a public resource. Under the Witch College Library system, we will be able to create lending libraries across the world. With the Order of the Library, we will see the formation of both physical as well as virtual libraries.

During our first year, 2024, the Library will be focused on curating and the distribution of all manner of materials.  Included will be a collection of over 15,000 hours of video and audio materials generated by over 25 years of interviews across many mediums. Once we begin, we will be able to add material as students and volunteers help us prepare and upload. This will allow for all manner of access to historians, archivist, and researchers to raw source materials.

Last but not least, we will be able to help preserve and protect knowledge of our community, across many libraries in many cities. We will be able through peer-to-peer architecture, to do deep memory storage. We must assure that we can extend ourselves to our descendants, to be good ancestors.

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