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When a cherished item hides in the shadows of forgetfulness, call upon this simple incantation to unveil its whereabouts.
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The Daily Spell for 1/16/2024 

Discover where your magic begins. 

🌙✨ Dream Recall Incantation & Journal Spell ✨🌙

As you embark on the journey of sleep, invite the magic of remembrance with this incantation. Let the words flow with intention, and afte

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The Daily Spell for 1/12/2024

This weekend is a exciting series of energies passing fro, this world, into the past. 

☕✨ Coffee Energizing Spell: Brew of Vitality ✨☕

For those mornings when you need an extra boost, infuse your coffee with a touch of ma

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The Daily Spell for 1./11/2024

Such a magickl day! 

✨🌑 New Moon 11/11 Energy Spell: I Am Illumination 🌑✨

Harness the potent energy of the New Moon and the enchanting vibrations of 11/11 with this empowering spell. This celestial alignment offers a gate

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The Daily Spell for 1/10/2024

Today's Spell is from Rev. Don's Super-Omnibus of Magical Incantations and Invocations for All Occasions by Rev. Don Lewis and Ser MaryAnn Kay.

Light a candle, recite the spell, and meditate while the candle burns.


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n our understanding is that I AM is your first tool of opening yourself up to knowledge and awareness of self.
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🌟 Daily Spell: The Lucky Penny Spell 🌟Pennies may seem insignificant, yet they hold a hidden power in the realm of luck. Embracing the ancient wisdom of "Find a penny and pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck," let's harness this spell for o
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Burning Desire/ Burning Negativity, In nearly all forms of Witchcraft, you will see this as a core spell. This underlies even the Birthday Spell that was shared yesterday.
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Greetings Everyone!

We are honored to announce that one of  Pagan World's YouTube Channels,  MagickTV has been nominated in two categories of the The Witchcraft & Occult Media Awards 2024!

MagickTV has been nominated under Outstanding Vlog or Vidcast

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Candle and flame magic is a grounding moment using fire as the focal. Fire was a living thing to most of human history
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The Numerology of 2024

A new year is upon us!  We are all planning for the year to come and hoping it brings good things for us!  Let’s look at the Numerology of 2024 to get an idea of what is ahead in the new year.

2024 is an Eight year (2+2+4=8). E

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As the new year begins, We, at Pagan.World, begin a new run of The Daily Spell, which began sharing news and magic in 1998. This newsletter is the official newsletter for Pagan.World, being distributed 4-5 times a week, direct to your email. It can b
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