Missionary Order of the Celtic Cross/Reformed Druidic Wicca (MOCC/RDW) was mysteriously founded in 1983, and originially took inspiration from RDNA and (eclectic) Wicca. Things took off over the years as the offshoot expanded, and eventually around 1994-1996 the name was changed to Missionary Order of the Celtic Cross (MOCC).

The long-standing Facebook presence can be found HERE.

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The Tenets of Reformed Druidic Wicca

I. We worship the Old Gods, not binding ourselves to the reverence of the Gods of only one culture, for all the Gods are worthy of worship.II. We, as Reformed Druidic Wiccans, are polytheistic, believing in many Gods, and animistic, believing that Deity is inherent in all Nature, yet we are duotheistic, believing that there is a Wellspring of Love from which all things come, Our Great Mother and Our All-Father.III. We revere, defend, and preserve the Great Mother, for all things come forth from…

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