The Tenets of Reformed Druidic Wicca

I. We worship the Old Gods, not binding ourselves to the reverence of the
Gods of only one culture, for all the Gods are worthy of worship.

II. We, as Reformed Druidic Wiccans, are polytheistic, believing in many Gods,
and animistic, believing that Deity is inherent in all Nature, yet we are
duotheistic, believing that there is a Wellspring of Love from which all
things come, Our Great Mother and Our All-Father.

III. We revere, defend, and preserve the Great Mother, for all things come
forth from Her Divine Womb, and unto Her Womb do they return. She is
the Weaver of the Web of Life, and the Nurturer of All-That-Is.

IV. We revere Nature, for “Nature is pure and powerful”.

V. We honor the spirits of the Ancestors who were in the World Tribe before
us, and on whose shoulders the building of societies was borne, and whose
wisdom is the foundation of our wisdom, whose blood is our blood, and
whose honor is our honor, for they taught us to love and care for one

VI. We recognize divinity inherent in every aspect of the Universe born of the
Great Mother, including ourselves.

VII. Recognizing divinity in all, we recognize the part each of us plays as
priests, be we lay clergy or recognized clergy, in the Divine Service both
inside and outside the bounds of our ritual areas in saying: “This declare
above all: Healing and Light and Peace”.

VIII. We hold to simplicity, knowing all great truths to be simple truths.

IX. We hold fast to the Wiccan Rede: ‘If it harms none, do as ye will’, and to
the Druidic Rede: ‘Truth in heart, strength in arm, honesty in speech’.

X. We strive to follow the Delphic Tenets: “Know Thyself” and “Everything in
moderation, nothing to excess”.

XI. We hold to the practice of divination as a sacrament, as a tool for
personal growth, and as a tool for counseling.

XII. We hold to the study of Magick, for the benefit of the world, and all within
it, and for its preservation, using methods both sympathetic and
contagious, in harmony with Nature.

XIII. We hold to the study of Nature, especially it’s spiritual and healing

XIV. We mark with sacrament the lunar cycles with worship, and the Eight
Great Festivals with all due ceremony.

XV. In all that we shall do, we shall seek inner peace, harmony within our
universe, and the strengthening of community, both with humanity and
Nature, and promote those things which also promote these tenets of our

Myrddin A Maeglin, 1993
[Presented by AD Jeffrey Windshadow, 21 December 2022]

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