This is a sacred space. It follows 2 ideals. To have and open heart and and an open mind.

This space is for anyone who has suffered a loss, a trauma, or a wound in the physical, spiritual or emotional sense. This space where the wounded healers, wounded warriors and wounded leaders gather and to "chill." Allies of the wounded are also welcome here.

This space allows us to talk about that which makes us who we are, to discuss what actions we took to inspire us, and what we did (or are doing) to allow ourselves to laugh and love again. 

Any videos, memes or links that lead to inspiration are welcomed and valued. Open discussion of related content is also needed. I hope people post in this group and comment on ohter people's material. 

I made this group (and jts twin on FB) based in my desire to make my own hurdles and turn then into shenanigans, so that I may laugh. I choose comedy over tragedy every single time. Personally, most of my postings here will reflect that. 

I lost my lower leg this year. (I found it in the lost and found latter and it's the worse for wear. I think a wolf gnawed on it.)  I belive in Alchemy, Transmutation and self healing. My inner demons almost killed me recently. I can't allow that to happen again.

But...I do belive death by humor is also possible. If I am to die, I'm gonna die laughing. Eventually we are all gonna die and get recycled. I'd rather die knowing that I was able to delight, inspire and disgust the masses with my shenanigans and ways.

What do you want your eventual death to mean? We are all screaming in the void. You might as well fill it with something.9802161067?profile=RESIZE_710x

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I can fly

I can flyThis video is what inspired me to make this group. It's amazing what people can adapt to if given a chance. We don't break esisly. We can just lose faith and give up too soon. That's a mindset I don't belive in.

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