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Tech Help

I evidently have signed up before for witch school and can't remember my password and when I try to reset it, I get Error 500 regardless of which device I am using.   I contacted WSI support and haven't heard anything.   I am also still waiting to re

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I have been interested in witchy life for some time, yet lately I have noticed a "pulling" toward the subject. I had been privately searching it out; then Saturday night I had a happening that made me feel it was time. Now where do I start? Anyone av

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3 Replies · Reply by Joseph Ballentine Oct 10, 2022

New to witchschool

Hi everyone I'm new to witchschool, but not to wicca. I've been an eclectic self taught solitary since I turned 18 way back in 1991. It's been an on and off situation for many reason and I finally came to a point where I needed to make some hard choi

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