Waxing Moon Blessings, Beloveds,

All women who feel called are invited to join us this week in The Women's Mystery School of Magick & Empowerment as we conclude our work with the energies of gratitude, prepare for the Full Moon in Gemini, and celebrate the beginning of Sagittarius Season, discussing magick and ritual for this fiery time of year.

πŸ’– Praise from a Cherished Initiate:Β β€œIΒ accepted myself and my needs at all levels, fast and slow. I no longer wore exhaustion as a badge of honor & started to prioritize my personal needs. I continued to process and engage at my own comfort level. I set my own goals and intentions based on the Moon I was currently playing with. This made my journey unique to me!” ~L.D. πŸ’–

Now and always, we invite you from our hearts, Sisters, and we look forward to welcoming you into our circle of wisdom, love, and compassion.

Always Love,
Lady Jesamyn

πŸ’– Find us at WomensMysterySchool.com.

Born in 2015, The Women's Mystery School of Magick & Empowerment is an online, 13-Moon, self-paced journey into sovereignty, magick, self-love, and authenticity. We are a teaching circle within the Sisterhood of the Moon Tradition of Witchcraft, and we are always inclusive of *all* women: https://www.sisterhoodofthemoon.org/inclusivity πŸ’–

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