Dear Great Family,

I have already moved to PaganWorld, and I am quite excited about what PaganWorld offers.

TheDailySpell social site will be closing on March 31. PaganWorld is the perfect replacement offering new and expanded features as well as all of the familiar features we had at TheDailySpell. I have already moved to PaganWorld and have been putting my videos there for some time. I hope you will join me there in this new and revitalized social network.

One of the most exciting things I am doing at present is Correllian Publishing. It is a time of intense activity as many of our old books are being re-edited and brought back in print and many new books are being created.

One of the most exciting new books is Medium 365 – A Day-to-Day Guide to Mediumship by Rev. Ravenwolf Greenfield. This is a year-long course in mediumship with instruction, exercises, and history to help you master this mystic art.

Other books we have recently brought to print include:

The revised Correllian Wicca: Lessons for the Third Degree. This is the revised version of our Correllian Wicca Third Degree Lessons covering such things as public image and behavior, Temple management, the nature of the Soul, the nature of Time, how to perform an Oracle, Astral travel, remote viewing and remote working, how to use sound vibration in magic, and much more.

The Common Book of Witchcraft and Wicca originally edited by me and re-edited by Rev. Deborah McGinley. The Common Book contains works by authors and artists including Rev. Ed Hubbard, Oberon Zell, Abby Willowroot, Rev. Don Lewis, Raven Digitalis, Rev. Stephanie Leon Neal, A.C. Aldag, and many others. Articles include Theagenesis, The Nature of the Soul, Human Heritage and the Goddess, the Difference between Wicca and Oldline Witchcraft, Defining the Sea Priestess, The Five Mystic Secrets, Magical Tools, the Dual Sabbat Ritual Cycle, Shadow as a Spiritual Force, the Testament of Ed The Pagan, a large Biography section, numerous chants and songs, and much more. Get the eBook at or get the paperback version at

There is also Rev. Don’s Book of Questions, Vol. I. Featuring questions and answers from Rev. Don's Vlog at on Magic, Metaphysics, and Paganism, this book contains one hundred questions dealing with a wide range of subjects including magical and psychic practice, the nature of Deity and the Universe, the nature of the Soul, Incarnation, and Time, and much more!

We have also recently brought out the Spanish Language version of our Correllian First Degree Lessons translated and re-edited by our Spanish Language Translation Team (you can read about the Team at This book is available in black and white or full color versions as well as in eBook form. This is the most lavishly illustrated book we have ever published.

Coming soon are the Greek language version of our Correllian First Degree Lessons, the revised Correllian Second Degree Lessons edited by Rev. Ser Lori Blackman, the revised Ritual in Theory and Practice edited by Rev. Ser Eboni Nash, Correllian Heraldry by Rt. Rev. Alyssa Kemp, and Rev. Don’s Book of Questions, Vol. II Finally, we are also preparing the Correllian Wicca Revised First Degree Lessons for publication, edited by Rev. Diana Jackson. We plan for all of these books to come out between now and June 11. Watch for news about them at as they become available to order!

Blessings to all!
Rev. Don Lewis

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  • Welcome to the new platform.   Ed did a great job as always setting this up.  It is so much more modern-looking than the Daily Spell.  

    Wisdom is knowing when a platform's time is done. 


  • Hi Rev.Don,

    thanks for the new publishings and moving to this platform. I looked at the Medium 365 book, but when I wanted to pre-order the shipping costs to the Netherlands aner between $ 45-77. That is so out of proportion. Will there be a digital version of the book? Kindle size would be great, but pdf or epub would be good too.

    Rev. Angel

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