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Happy Beltane!

Beltane is the Gaelic May Day festival. Most commonly it is held on 1 May, or about halfway between the spring equinox and summer solstice. Historically, it was widely observed throughout Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man. The word 'Beltane' roughly translates as 'bright fire' and, as such, one of the most important rituals, which survives today in modern festivals. Beltane is a Celtic word, meaning “the fires of Bel.” Bel, likely referred to the Celtic sun god, Belenus. The Celts used to l

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Happy Ostara!

Ostara is one of the eight Sabbats. Ostara celebrates the spring equinox. The word Ostara comes from the Anglo-Saxon goddess name, Eostre. Eostre represented spring and new beginnings.


If your thinking you saw this post before, you would be right. I thought I set it to post on the actual day of Ostara, March 20. And I left it in my drafts uncomplete. For some reason on March 1st this posted the uncomplete draft, I have now fixed it, my apologies.

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Vesta's Rite of the Sacred Flame

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    Beloved Alchemists,
    In this season of Winter, we invite you to join with us in receiving the blessings of the Holy Darkness. Held lovingly within the shelter of our Lunar Astral Temple, let us experience the healing power of the Dark, the place of dreaming, incubation, and rest. 

    🔮 Our Winter Lunar Rites Alchemical Network Distance Ritual is live! 🔮…

  • Created by: Lady Jesamyn Angelica

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