What do you think of changing supporting membership to Citizen?

Posted by Ed Hubbard on November 18, 2021 at 6:58pm
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  • I think this is largely a matter of semantics. I understand the spirit of using the term citizen but I think many people are already aware and used to the term member. So if we want to change this to citizen I think it's fine but I would understand if it confuses some people. 

  • When I first read "citizen" I liked it. Then I thought about it for a moment and got a controlling, militaristic vibe. I know that's not what we're about. What about "Fellow" or "Supporting Friendship" (is that too cheesy?)?

    • Valuable input. My small two-cents, as one on the periphery currently, is I didn't personally get that vibe (I often use the term in context of such things as "world citizen", etc., in general mundane affairs). I think the idea was that it implies/gives a sense of collective responsibility and ownership within the community -- privileges granted and democratized as a participating member of this collective "world" of like-passioned peers -- thus giving some degree of voice in influencing Pagan World's evolving direction, affiliations, inclusions, integrations, etc.

      But no doubt there is with that notion a commitment by citizens to honor rules and guardrails that are designed to protect the integrity of the community/society and its vision (where other words may soften that nuance too much). So I think in this case, the "citizen" notion is joined at the hip to this concept of a world or society where members share in its upkeep, direction, and evolution in an interactive way, and it speaks to the qualities that this entails.  Perhaps the intuitive vibe you picked up speaks to ensuring that the process of citizenship is managed with compassion and empathy, to ensure things don't get errantly hawkish or aggressive (by one or many)...so your note speaks to things to be mindful of as a balanced approach.     

  • Hi! I like the idea of being a pagan world citizen or rather a dual citizen in regards to continuing my membership to this wonderful site.

  • I agree with Jennifer. We are a community.some communities have member, some citizens!

  • I am Switzerland. Unless it is a change of what it means to be a supporting member vs a citizen I don't care what the label is.

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