Chosen Path Church, Jacksonville, FL

CPC was founded in June 2014 to provide spiritual, social, and educational opportunities for Jacksonville area Correllians and other Pagans.  All paths are welcome at CPC.  CPC’s campus includes a large Sanctuary, Social Room, Crafting and Broadcasting Studios, large Outdoor Altar, Sacred Fire Circle with Altar, Correllian Shaman Medicine Wheel, Meditation Garden, Community Garden, and a Parsonage. We offer rituals in honor of the Goddess and God for all Sabbats and Esbats and a monthly study group. Our free services include handfastings or legal marriages, funerals, individual rites of passage, cleansings, pastoral care, and other Pagan services.

The Correllian-Nativist Tradition teaches that each human interprets Deity in a way that speaks to them.  Each interpretation is as equally valid as any other. We work heavily with the Ancestors and psychic training is a core curriculum for our Clergy.  Through the Crystal Web we do energy workings to bring Peace, Hope, Love, and Prosperity to our members and the entire world.

Meet and Greet opportunities are held so you can ask any questions you may have, get to know the Temple Keeper, and learn more about the Chosen Path Church and the Correllian-Nativist Tradition. Find out more at our website or by contacting Temple Keeper Rt. Rev. Ser Laurie Denman, AP CCE to schedule a Meet and Greet by utilizing the Contact Form at

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  • Hello Laurie! Thank you for clearing up the mystery for me and responding to my question it is much appreciated my friend.
  • Hi! Is this photo suppose to represent a book called,"A Tree that grows in Brooklin?"

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