My Beloveds,

Happy Full Moon in Gemini! Here is a powerful moment for us to attend to the health of our connections with others, our communication, and our understanding of what is *truly* important in life.

Now is the time to stop waiting for the permission and recognition of others, Dear Ones. So long as you are living in alignment with your *own* deepest truth and your *own* highest ethics, what other people think of you is none of your business.

And so, this week in the Women’s Mystery School we collectively turn our attention towards authenticity, self-validation, and self-approval.

πŸ’– Praise from a Respected Initiate: β€œTaking this journey will bring any woman into alignment with herself and her inner wisdom, will give her permission to listen to her own voice, speak her own truth, stand up for herself and other women, and advocate for positive change. The world needs our voices and power; the Mystery School frees them. It will give you the tools, knowledge, and empowerment to make magickal changes in your life.” ~D.C.πŸ’–

Sisters, are you feeling called to learn more? We look forward to journeying with you!

Always Love,
Lady Jesamyn

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Born in 2015, The Women's Mystery School of Magick & Empowerment is an online, 13-Moon, self-paced journey into sovereignty, magick, self-love, and authenticity. We are a teaching circle within the Sisterhood of the Moon Tradition of Witchcraft, and we are always inclusive of *all* women: πŸ’–

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