Fall Equinox has passed and we have tipped into the Dark Side of the Wheel. Can you feel change in the air? How will you make use of these crisp, new energies?

The Full Moon in Aries is coming, and this week in The Women’s Mystery School of Magick & Empowerment we will celebrate this lunar phase as we continue to work with Autumn magick, diving deeper into practices, ritual, and correspondences for Libra Season.

πŸ’– Praise from a Cherished Initiate: β€œI wanted to connect with myself under the umbrella of the Divine Feminine all whist experiencing the acceptance and love of like-minded women.Β I found all this and discovered so much more. If you love yourself and want to expand the depths of that love, this work is for you.” ~S.C.πŸ’–

Sisters, if you are feeling the pull to join us, please do! The portal is open and we stand ready to receive you with love.Β 

Blessed be!

Always Love,
Lady Jesamyn

πŸ’– Find us at WomensMysterySchool.com.πŸ’–

Born in 2015, The Women's Mystery School of Magick & Empowerment is an online, 13-Moon, self-paced journey into sovereignty, magick, self-love, and authenticity. We are a teaching circle within the Sisterhood of the Moon Tradition of Witchcraft, and we are always inclusive of *all* women: https://www.sisterhoodofthemoon.org/inclusivity 🌈🌈🌈

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