Beloved Alchemists,

We are moving ever-deeper into the Darkness. As the Holy Dark grows, so does our innate need to go Within, to take stock of our lives, and to begin Dreaming of What Could Be.

As one portal closes, another opens. November is our Tradition’s Month of Honoring, a time when we open our hearts to counting our blessings, to offering gratitude and thankfulness for all we have received during the months of growth that saw us through Spring, Summer, and early Autumn.

🔮 Our November Lunar Rites Alchemical Network Distance Ritual is live! 🔮

During this time of decreasing light, we invite you to join us in increasing your prosperity and your appreciation for all of the bounty your life already holds. Our Beloved Astral Temple is ready to receive you and yours, Dear Ones.

This ritual echoes our live, in-person Women’s Lunar Rite that will be held in our Temple in Hayward, CA on November 16th.

Join us at your own altar—in your own space and in your own time—in our Lunar Astral Temple. All time is one time!

Our distance rituals are always open to everyone who feels called to join us—and you are free to share this rite within your family practice as well.

Full details and registration can be found here:

As always, Dear Ones, you will find me where Above and Below meet and become One. The door is open and the altar is set.

With Love at the Center,
Lady Jesamyn 💖

P.S.: We are also offering a live Zoom Temple Vigil for the Dark Goddess on Tuesday, November 21st. This gathering is open to all! Please save the date; details will be shared on November 7th.

Since 2010, our Lunar Rites Alchemical Network has provided monthly Distance Rituals for personal transformation and growth alongside the cycles of the Moon. 🌙🌑🌕



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