Beloved Alchemists,

We are arriving into the sacred Season of Imbolctide, a holy time of purification and cleansing, of transformation and dedication.

What holds your heart in this time of gentle quickening and slow, new growth?

🔮 Our February Lunar Rites Alchemical Network Distance Ritual is now live! 🔮

Join me at your own altar—in your own space and in your own time—in our Lunar Astral Temple where, supported by the Matron of our Sisterhood, Goddess Brigid, we will make our vows for this new turn of the Wheel.

We have rested and now it is time to gently stretch the sluggishness of Winter from our bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits. Enter into flow with All That Is as you allow yourself to feel into the waxing energies rising like the sap of the maple tree. Feel the power of the vitality of Imbolc holding you as you contemplate what is True for you.

Consider: Is there a Dedication you are now ready to make? A Goddess requesting your attention? An Element of Life (Air, Fire, Water, or Earth) that could be of support to your current quest?

As the Earth stirs, let us gather in sacred circle on the Astral plane and speak our precious intentions into manifestation.

What beauty will you invite into partnership with you for this next part of your life’s journey?

Our distance rituals are always open to everyone who feels called to join us—and you are free to share this rite within your family practice as well.

Full details and registration can be found here:

It is my honor and joy to share this sacred space with you, my Beloved Spiritual Family. With great delight, I look forward to meeting you once again where Above and Below meet and become One in celebration of one another and in reverence for Beloved Brigid, Keeper of the Sacred Flame and Lady of Holy Wells.

With Love at the Center,
Lady Jesamyn 💖

Since 2010, our Lunar Rites Alchemical Network has provided Distance Rituals for personal transformation and growth alongside the cycles of the Moon.  🌙🌑🌕

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