Unveiling the Mysteries of the Afterlife with Rev. Donald Lewis: Insights from The Correllian Book of the Dead



By: Krys Copeland

The Veil Thins at Samhain

As the recent Samhain celebrations come to a close, with the veil between our world and the next at its most delicate, we find ourselves reflecting on the profound cycle of life and death. It's a period that reminds us of the transient nature of our existence and the spiritual journey that lies beyond. Full disclosure -- while I might be slightly biased as the editor of The Correllian Book of the Dead, it's my pleasure to share with you a work that sheds light on these eternal questions—a book penned by the esteemed Rev. Donald Lewis, the retired First Priest of the Correllian Tradition.

Sacred Beginnings: A Personal Journey with Rev. Donald Lewis

"The Correllian Book of the Dead" offers more than just a narrative; it is a personal voyage as told by Rev. Donald Lewis himself. The book opens with a window into his childhood within the Correllian Tradition, offering us a rare glimpse into the formative years that shaped a leading figure in the Pagan community. This intimate portrayal sets the stage for a profound exploration of life's most mystical transition.

Beyond the Physical: Ghosts, Spirits, and the Soul

In the book, Rev. Lewis provides clarity on often-misunderstood concepts: ghosts, spirits, and the soul. What sets them apart, and how do they interact with our consciousness? These are not just academic inquiries—they are fundamental to understanding our place in the tapestry of existence.

The Soul's Odyssey: Reincarnation and Ancestral Spirits

Diving into the complexities of the soul's odyssey, "The Correllian Book of the Dead" examines reincarnation, parallel lives, and the connection with ancestral spirits. The book discusses how these elements coexist and influence our spiritual journey, offering profound insights into the fabric of our being.

Psychic Hygiene and Protection

As someone who has navigated both the physical and spiritual realms, Rev. Lewis emphasizes the importance of psychic hygiene. The discussions on shielding techniques and dealing with energy vampires are not only crucial for practitioners but also for spirits who may need guidance and protection.

Engaging with the Ethereal: Spirit Collaboration

One of the book's most compelling sections describes how to collaborate with spirits, decipher spirit messaging, and work with guides. It's a practical guide for those seeking to establish a deeper rapport with the ethereal realm.

The Final Passage: Rites, Rituals, and Comfort

In its closing chapters, "The Correllian Book of the Dead" details the rites and rituals that honor the dead, aiding them in their journey. Rev. Lewis shares insights into the process of crossing over, funeral customs, and the significance of mourning.

As your tour guide through this exploration of The Correllian Book of the Dead, I've endeavored to ensure that every word edited honors the tradition and wisdom of the Correllian path and the profound knowledge of Rev. Donald Lewis. This book is not only a guide for understanding death but a manual for appreciating life and the interconnectedness of all beings.

The Correllian Book of the Dead is now available for preorder at Correllian Publishing. You can also order it at Amazon. I invite you to delve into these pages, find comfort in its words, and expand your spiritual knowledge as we continue to honor the cycle of life and death.


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Krys Copeland is a writer, editor, and contributor for Pagan World. She also sits on the board as an advisor and a communications specialist for Pagan World. Co-founder of Speak Your Own Book (<a href="http://www.speakyourownbook.com">www.speakyourownbook.com</a>), she also assists many well-known and new Pagan authors with writing, editing, and publishing their own books.

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