Is this the Golden Age of Witchcraft?

Is this the Golden Age of Witchcraft?


Gaining Perspective of our World today!

Today we are going to explore what kind of Witch you want to be?

That is a wonderful, beautiful, and miraculous question.  Until recent history the our choices would be few, no matter the age we speak of. We have a few times of advanced cultural thinking, maybe a few thousand books created by hand. Sometimes it could be much greater earned over time. Yet all those libraries have been lost and swept away in the coming of time. We have few remains and remnants of these glorious ages and libraries.  Today, there are the librarians with their understanding of these libraries, that they from time to time, mourn and grieve their loss. The loss is never to be able to read them.

Learning Witchcraft has been hard and difficult to come by, for most of history, up to the years 1997-2001. This was absolutely pivotal time, when the Pagan community would grow faster and quicker due to increased communication.  Witchvox, Witch School, Cherry Hill Seminary, AOL Tea Room, Avatar Search, and countless others took the power of the World Wide Web, and created an online version of Pagan life. This has developed a community with improved communication, exchanging resources and creating events through cooperative actions.  Today, Witchcraft online, all forms of Paganism online has been normalized. This took 20 years, and most of those projects didn’t make it, but became the foundation of today.

Today, I believe that we are seeing an equally transformation period. 93-01 was the Dawn of Paganism online. Now its early morning, the sun has barely risen, and we can see the space we live in. In this light we see the world giving us everything we could ask for to learn and to seek knowledge.

1, Pagan Books, we have as many books and titles in existence today, then at all points of history prior to 2010. We have titles being published at nearly one a day, through traditional publishers, Assisted Publishing, and Individualized Publishing. So never before in human history have so many books been available to so many people without limits.  This is a moment history of Witches, Magicians, Shamans and all practitioners of magic and arts, could only dream of. All of it is now available to use. Our ancestors would call this a Golden Age.

2. Witch Craft tools and supplies have never been in higher quantity and quality then here today. We have never has so many herbs, plants, crystals, incense, candles and nearly every other item we use be available. Through hand creation for self, or creation by a craftsman, even products created by machine for our use. In this day and age, it’s available at levels unmatched in human history, with delivery not unlike the wings of Apollo. Our ancestors would simple be overwhelmed by our collections.

3. Witches and Pagans have greater communication tools than any human prior to 2019 had. This shift has created deeper and powerful forms of communication across the Internet. This has opened up and continues to expand how we communicate and how we organize. As Witches, especially those I work with, have the ability to communicate globally.

These three factors alone has brought us a Golden Age, which we are able to study what you want, when you want, where you want. This will allow you great access to deeper knowledge, and as part of this year, we can see what type of Witches and Pagans we want to be?

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