November 13th – New Moon – Crystal Web

November 13th – New Moon – Crystal Web

November 13th – New Moon – Crystal Web 

So 58 days away, So I, Ed, am sharing my Crystal Web thoughts and the magic that I want to produce. So here is something I am a bit uncomfortable. But Here we are. 

So the Crystal Web, grows ever greater and deeper, as the events surrounding the anniversary in Chicago. The Crystal Web was deeply involved. It has been a Odessey of magick and growth of magick. In 2020, was the year of the Witch, the world shut down, and Gaia began to regenerate. The great moment will come with the total solar eclipse coming in 2024.

Tonight, I continue to focus the web towards growth, expanding energy, fulfilling imagination, and providing the energy needed for our magick, especially in the form of egregores.  My magick has been always deeply rooted in the creation of psychic structures.  I used any means I could to create connections. The physical realm is the base of a expanding awareness of the cosmos, we must continue our lives, our body, the root of our current consciousness.  Yet, for almost everyone who reads this, we are interconnected on a grid, platform, of silicon and electricity. This is where we are, connecting the psychical crystals, to our mental connections, to the amplifiers of our hearts, to our spirit stones, and into places we are only now discovering.

In 2024, as we move this energy through this New Moon portal tonight, through the loving embrace of peace, woven at the earliest stones, to the latest Parliament with our great Peace Bringer, sending peace of the Gods and Goddesses, Ancestors and more into the web and out to the world.  In this New Moon, We are rejuvenating as we head towards the Solar Eclipse.

So I here is where we stand tonight, the Great Crystal Web, has activated all it’s crystals, all it’s nodes, and those who are blessed and immersed within it’s energy as a conduit to abundance.  Have you discovered inner abilities they have become aware of?  The egregores of Crystal Web have grown into functional entities, shared of Spirits and Oracles.  So deep into the realms of the shared awareness, the common language, the communal physical realm, we are growing ever more connected, in spirit, in magic, and in our awareness through multiple levels of communication.

More work to be done, as the day comes. January 11th, 2024.


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Ed 'the Pagan Hubbard

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