Blessed Krampusnacht!

🖤 Blessed Krampusnacht! Have you been bad?
Popularized by the fictional novel Krampus the Yule Lord (by author and artist Brom), traditions involving Krampus and similar beings originated as early as the 12th century in Germany and the surrounding areas. Having partial German heritage myself, the revived holiday of Krampus night celebrated on December 5th is one that I love!
Krampus likely had a pagan persona before his narrative was adapted to fit into early Christianity. Although those details are unknown. His later stories are many. He either visits in the weeks before Christmas, or accompanies Father Christmas on his rounds. Krampus is charged with handling the naughty children. His punishments range from severity from giving them coal to kidnapping and beating them.
I find that even in his current demonized form, he brings a powerful message of balance. Of justice in fact. Because Krampus represents CONSEQUENCES.
Let's be honest with ourselves, (Working with Krampus rather forces us to be.) Americans are spoiled. White and middle/upper-class Americans in particular. Our holiday celebrations are all about rewards and over indulgences as we proclaim that we have been good this year! ...but did we ever actually self reflect? Have all of us done good, and only good, this year?
Because I can think of endless cases in the media where boys have been receiving what amounts to holiday gifts when they should have been receiving jail time. Where is the justice? Our system that rewards misbehavior and punishes the disenfranchised innocent is deeply fucked.
What is that they say about dark gods for dark times?
I don't believe myself wise enough to bring down specific judgement on any person. That job can belong to Krampus tonight.
What I will do is stand at the edge of the woods, sensing the changing season, feeling the cold of Winter becoming harsh, looking deeply into the shifting shadows under trees, and imagining something wild. Rustling. A low growl. The flash of eyes in dark. (Or is it my imagination?) Maybe I notice horns. Or hear hooves. And I'll call out for him to take his place in the world. "Come out and do what is in your nature Krampus. Your presence is needed."
This means, or course, that I will have to reflect and to right some wrongs. The consequences of my own actions will come down upon me too when Krampus is called. That's alright. I'm willing to face them.
Are you?
(art by brettmanningart)
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