“Pagan World Television Network will bring creative magickal content for anyone, anywhere, anytime. We are first of kind social broadcasting network that exists in cyberspace and the metaverse. We will share experiences at a deeper level. Its my goal to bring this vision to life” – Ed “the Pagan” Hubbard

(Las Vegas, NAB Show) (4/26/22)   CEM Broadcasting is announcing the Pagan World Internet Television Network is launching in May, 2022. Social Broadcasting in to the Metaverse.  NextGen streaming and on demand service, for the magickal community, created for Pagans, Heathens, Witches, and Wiccans.

In development with Television Start Up, Inc. creating the infrastructure needed for Pagan World Network Platform for our creators to reach large global audiences on every popular platform, from mobile phones to living room TV's. This will allow anyone anywhere anytime to tap into the streams and on Demand video of the Pagan World.

As part of this growth, Pagan World Television Network will feature Magick.TV, a content creator since November 11th, 2005. This is a archive of over 12,000 hours of audio and video of the Pagan, Wiccan and Witch community. Magick.TV will continue to develop shows and interviews, including exclusive footage, for the Pagan World community.

The team behind Pagan World Television has been developing content and community development since 1998, including WitchSchool.com, Pagans Tonight Radio Network, and Magick.Tv.  Led by Ed Hubbard, CIO of CEM Broadcasting, and Rev Don Lewis, Chairman of Correllian Education Ministry.

As Pagan World will be a freemium site, with both ad supported and subscriber service. In this offering, anyone who becomes a Citizen of Pagan.World, which has a one time fee, will receive the basic Pagan World TV service for life.  They are offering a special as part of their growth on Pagan.World.

Discover more at http://Pagan.World
Contact Rev Ed Hubbard, Ph. 217-799-1013, Ed@witchschool.com


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