Discover the Complete Wiccan Training Program

Discover the Complete Wiccan Training Program


Magick is all around us, waiting to be harnessed and channeled for spiritual growth and transformation. Rev. Donald Lewis's Wiccan training books offer a powerful degree program that can help you unlock your potential as a practitioner of Wicca, Witchcraft, and Magick. With these books as your guide, you can explore the depths of your own spirituality and connect with the divine in new and profound ways.


First, Second, and Third Degree Books Available Now


Rev. Donald Lewis's First, Second, and Third Degree of Correllian Wicca books are now available in both paperback and hardback formats. These books provide the essential foundation for Wiccan practitioners of all levels. Covering everything from the history and philosophy of Wicca to ritual practice and spellcraft. And for Spanish-speaking readers, there is even an E-BOOK version of the First Degree book (Wicca Correlliana: Lecciones para el Primer Grado).

  • First Degree: Covers the basics of Wiccan philosophy and ritual, including the Wiccan Rede, the elements, the Sabbats, and more. Available in hardback or paperback.


  • Second Degree: Explores more advanced concepts such as the Chakras, astral projection, divination, and healing. Available in hardback or paperback.


  • Third Degree: Offers deep insights into the mysteries of Wiccan cosmology, including the concept of the Divine, the role of the Witch, and the practice of ritual magick Available in hardback or paperback.


  • Ritual in Theory and Practice: A must-have book for completing the Second Degree training. Rev. Don Lewis provides invaluable insights on creating and leading effective group and public rituals, along with techniques for Esbat and Sabbat rituals. This revised and illustrated edition is essential for any serious practitioner of Wicca. Available in paperback or hardback.


  • Four-Book Set: The complete Wiccan training program, featuring all three degrees and Ritual in Theory and Practice. These beautifully bound hardcover books are a great addition to any spiritual library. The set provides the information needed for both personal study and coven training. Written by Rev. Don Lewis and edited by Rev. Ser Eboni Nash, this set is a must-have for any serious student of Wicca.



Order Your Set Today and Become a Witch.


Ready to deepen your understanding of Wicca, Witchcraft, and Magick? Order your copies of Rev. Donald Lewis's Correllian Wicca books today and take the next step on your spiritual journey. These books are the perfect complement to the coursework offered by Witch School, and they will help you develop a strong foundation in the principles and practices of Wiccan spirituality. Don't miss out – order your copies today!

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  • I have these four books, and this post does a nice job in packaging this as one complete set to obtain.

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