Pagan World Mission Statement

Pagan.World is your access to the Pagan Community from Local to Global.
Pagan.World is a new project in 2021 that seeks the development of a directory, to share listings and information on local Pagan resources. From this Pagan.World will offer links and connections to the community you desire to learn, share, and become part of. These links will include groups, temples, circles, shop, services, businesses, and teachers that serve Local Pagan communities. Through these listings, you can explore the magical world. 
How Pagan.World Works?
Pagan.World will be offering information, to help individuals find what they need to progress the community. The listings will be created by individuals and on a voluntary basis. All services and listings are active and currently engages community.
Coming to Pagan.World, the querent will be able to browse the open site, allowing them to learn and discover the community. This will include blogs, informational pages, shops and services pages. This will allow the public to see our community. This will allow any to explore the community, without commitment.
To engage the site beyond inquiries, you will be able to sign up as a member and create a profile. This profile will allow each individual to engage with our listings. The member will be able to create listings for the site, including their profile, group, shop, and other forms. Each profile is private, and the member decides what can be publicly disclosed and shared.
Basic Membership allows the individual to be able to engage with listings, and the community behind them. They can create a listings for the directory on their behalf. This is a free service, and foundational to Pagan.World project.
To help finance the site, we will have Citizens Membership and Sponsoring Members.
- Citizen members, will have increased ability to do listings, share, and access content. This will allow enhancement for group pages etc.
- Sponsoring members, will have services to share their products, services, and other projects. This will be to help to share information.
The Witchvox Legacy
Witchvox was an amazing website that offered quality connections on a local to global basis. Operated by Wren and Fritz Walker, from 1997 until the end of 2019, offered meaningful connections that helped create the online community. The shock of the end of WitchVox and its erasure from the web has left a painful hole as well as a myth and legacy, leaving the community to its own resources. In 2020, the sense of loss of this wonderful tool to community building has grown.
Pagan.World is a new project that will allow us to reconnect, relink, and redevelop a new directory, with the goal of developing community tools. Pagan. World seeks to continue the work that Witchvox has shown that is so desperately needed by the Pagan community. Pagan.World in not affiliated, endorsed or in any way connected to the WitchVox site, but they have our respect.
Pagan.World will be the next level of community directory, on a local to global basis. We thank Witchvox Legacy as our inspiration.
Pagan.World as a Community Development Site
As Pagan.World develops with profiles, listings, and contact pages, we will be developing directories that include more information. This will be inclusive of Social Media, and to help create connections with the hundreds of thousands of Pagan Websites, thousands of Podcasts, thousands of video creators on Youtube, and millions of connections to social networks. Instead of hours and hours of searching search engines and social media, Pagan.World will help you reach our community faster, allowing you to learn and engage quickly.
As Pagan.World improves, it will offer tools, including podcasting, zoom, and social broadcasting. Services that allow for virtual festivals, conferences and workshops. Ways of reaching audiences for musicians, podcasters, video creators, and creative arts. Developing access to markets for Pagan shops, services, products and business. Online ways to have meaning connections. By sharing tools at scale, we can offer more groups even better access to the world community.
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