Update on New Year's Day

Dear Members, Friends and Citizens,

Thank you for being here as we begin our 3rd year of exploration of creating a Pagan World on the internet and in life.  In 2022, we were able to gain traction, focus and started a Pagan World TV Station that streams 24 hours a day.  Combined with our networking site, we have begun the journey to connectedness in the community.

On Dec 31st, 2022, Starting at 8 pm EST, We are having a Live News Years Eve show with Rev. Don Lewis, with personalities from across the Pagan World. We will be broadcasting from PaganWorld.co, Our Roku Station, and live on Facebook and YouTube. This will be a evening of conversation, intentions, and entertainment.

Join us at PaganWorld.co for our celebration of the Secular New Year

Note for New Year, we will be ending our special on Pagan World Citizenship at $29.99 one-time fee, on January 31st, 2023.  Here is the link: https://paganworld.ning.com/citizen-special-membership

More to come. Blessings
Ed Hubbard, CIO, Pagan World

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2/13/2023 EBSAT Meeting 5:00 PM PDT to 5:30 PM PDT – John Beckett shares Animism: A Foundation for Connecting to Nature

  • Description:

    “Animism: A Foundation for Connecting to Nature”

    Unlike what some of us were taught in school, animism is not a “primitive religion.” It’s a worldview: a way of understanding the universe, our place in it, and how we can relate to it all.


    (Picture of an invitation to the EBSAT meeting and John Beckett dressed in his Druid outfit…

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