In 60 days,  A Vision of Community College, Promised

by Ed Hubbard  11/11/2023 (PWP)

I want to thank everyone for their energies through the years, helping, creating, developing the magnificent vision of a expanding growing healthy community. All my life, I have been driven to create connections and ways to communicate on an ever-deeper basis and on daily basis. The pursuit of a connected community has been the inner purpose to my life.

In 60 days, on January 11th, 2024,  I will be sharing new level of my mission, to fulfill the vision of creating  community platforms. As promised, Witch College and Psychic Academy will open their doors. This will offer another kind of education, adapted for the future now before us. Based on Web 3.0, it will be interactive and intuitive. I will be sharing more as we grow closer to the opening.

The Opening Class on January 11th, will be “Intro to Witch Culture”, the most intensive introduction course that will compose of 12 Class Modules, over a 6-week period.  This will be taught live and recorded, with some of the best source teachers and experts.  This will be the first course that we offer to the College. This is how we will begin in 60 days.

For those who choose to participate, will find that this will be a adventure, being part of a ground floor, experimental education experience. A rare opportunity to be part of the creation experience.

On a personal note, I want to thank my friends of mind and heart have heard me trying to work this out, all through covid years, and even as we prepared to attend Parliament. For acting as sound boards and advisors, I am grateful to all of you who know and shared my struggle, At last, now I am going to apply those thoughts and processes, to the real world. It’s time to start up and doing the practical work needed.  

So let’s dream a future greater than our past,
Ed Hubbard, CVO

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Ed 'the Pagan' Hubbard

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