Pagan World Members Levels

What is Membership?
It has no cost to join.

This is our way we provide access to directories and connection to community.  This allows for those interested in learning and connecting with the Pagan world.

What is Citizenship in Pagan World?
One time subscription of $29.99

Becoming a Citizen offers premium access to the site, including early access and unique content. They will be able to form groups.

At the moment of this writing being a Citizen is a membership designation that allows access to premium content. Citizens have the ability to connect and communication across the site, according to their personal desire.

Why a Citizen of Pagan.World?

With the Metaverse coming, we recognize that we will build deeper relationships through the Internet. Citizen means you have a desire and a abilty to act as part of a collective. Our social collective is the Pagan World,  online.

This is citizenship in the Metaverse. It has little* to do with your geographical region. (* National laws and resources do apply to your physicality).

 It is the creation of a shared world within cyberspace. By creating a sense of belonging, of presence, the Metaverse worlds, Pagan World in this case, allows for your digital self to become part of the collective intelligence that which is at the core of community, culture, and civilization.

In case of Pagan World citizenship it is acceptance of what will become a persistent digital, virtual, and augmented reality. This will allow participation in its continuous early creation. This is the Dawn Star age, where we see this new light, this new creation.  So in 2022 Pagan world will be a directory and host of nested communities, with the next 20 years in mind. By establishing a directory will allow us to provide this next generation with tools and connections to deepen, and grow their practice, skills, and abiding friendships.