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Is Witch College For me?

If you are a curious spirit, who loves to learn, then Witch College is for you.
If you are seeking magic, in all its forms, then Witch College is for you.
If your seeking history, stories, and myths, then Witch College is for you.
If you are lookin

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Witch College Library: Saving Books

Witch College Library Update:

We are 70% with our initial funding of $1000. We are in gratitude of the trust and energy been shown towards our plans for a Witch College. The surprising most response of creating a library, and we have witnessed a lot

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Witch College Library

This allows access to the Witch College Library, virtual and lending library. 
In the library will be thousands of virtual books, all copyright compliant
We have tens of thousands of recording, audio and visual, along with photgraphs
In the Physical

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Collegium: K-12 Training Program

We have decided that of course we need education. 
Jan Callahan along with Ed, will host a year long series of symposiums and workshops towards creating a exceptional cirriculm. 

So here is the next early step: Lets talk. 

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Creating a History Department

Hi All, 

The one thing that is important to Witch College is History, the gathering of History, and anaylsis of History. 
Which is a true thing for a culture that deeply abides by the Ancestors. 

So I want to discuss the beginnings of our History Depart

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Open Letter about Witch College

Open Letter about Witch College

So Witch College is my next ten year build, developing an online platform that will provide an anytime, anyplace, anyone magical education.  It is time to reach out to a bigger dream. I dream of giving tools and skil

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What is Your Project?

We are here to share each others ideas, but allow ourselves unique. 
Here we cn hash out the best ways to market our unique niche. 

Mine is Pagan World TV project 

More to come 

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