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Our talented hosts and experts are offering exclusive 30-minute consultations in their respective fields. These one-on-one virtual sessions will take place after the successful completion of our Kickstarter campaign. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get personalized advice from the best in the business. With a limited number of consultations available, selection will be based on the order in which pledges are made. So, act fast to secure your spot! For just $125, you'll receive a personal consultation and our Swag Package #3, packed with special merchandise and show collectibles. Don't miss out on this incredible offer!


Atalanta Moonfire is offering 2 Bone Readings

Gayle Tracey Mull is offering 5 Readings

Rt. Rev. Phoenix Coffin-Williams is offering 3 Readings

Cher Davis is offering 2 Readings - either Tarot or Runes  

Ser Ed Hubbard is offering several types of consultations including Tarot, building social media presence, personal authority, building a pagan business, or just a exploratory conversation on futurism

Fluffy is offering 10 Readings including Tarot, Energy Work, and consulting the Akashic Records.

Rev. Mary Hawk is offering Tarot Readings and Basic Numerology Charts.