Wyte Rayvn Church is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Progressive, inclusive, multi-faith Church in Southern Missouri. We are an open, family friendly, organization.


Our mission is to share the tenets of the Wiccan faith in an open and honest forum. We are dedicated to serving the community as a whole and to support the physical and spiritual lives of all people regardless of color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or spiritual path.


Established in 2009, we offer classes and activities to the new seeker or the advanced practitioner. We are a Wiccan church with a strong traditional background and membership open to solitary practitioners or members of covens, to provide fellowship for the Pagan community. We offer many opportunities to enjoy Pagan fellowship including open Full Moon circles, open Sabbats, plus a variety of weekend festivals, periodic parties for both adults and children. Our circles, Sabbats and festivals are all child friendly.

All Wite Rayvn clergy are licensed and ordained to serve the God and Goddess and minister to the community. ALL CLERGY are in the public forum and are public about their Pagan path and role as Pagan Clergy.

The Church community can serve a vast amount of people and has the capacity to be more “open” which makes the religion more accessible to the true seeker.
With a Church structure, the Wyte Rayvn Church can offer many benefits to solitaries, who do not want to join a specific tradition and still have a group base of like- minded Pagans they can celebrate and worship with.

We offer to the Pagan community open legal and non-legal handfastings, initiations, rites of passages, classes, spiritual counseling, and training for clergy and ordination.

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