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The beginning of the Witch College build. 
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Is Witch College For me?

If you are a curious spirit, who loves to learn, then Witch College is for you. If you are seeking magic, in all its forms, then Witch College is for you. If your seeking history, stories, and myths, then Witch College is for you. If you are looking to take better control of your life, then Witch College is for you. If you’re looking for a life of adventure, wonder and awe, Witch College is for you. Witch College is for you if you want a lifelong learning and sharing…

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Witch College Library: Saving Books

Witch College Library Update: We are 70% with our initial funding of $1000. We are in gratitude of the trust and energy been shown towards our plans for a Witch College. The surprising most response of creating a library, and we have witnessed a lot of discussion and hope for something grandeur, improving on the status quo, and wanting to be part of a positive shift in the world.  This project can fulfill that goal. This is for the Witch College Library Card, $10 and included in every…

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Witch College Library

This allows access to the Witch College Library, virtual and lending library.  In the library will be thousands of virtual books, all copyright compliant We have tens of thousands of recording, audio and visual, along with photgraphs In the Physical Library, to be initially in Chicago, will be books that can be loaned out (Shipping & Handling costs separate). This is a extension of our practices in Interfaith and represents a global outreach.  Here is link: Witch College - Learn Anything,…

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