This group is associated with Sacred Path Pagan Church and all Associations & Affiliations, located in Thonotosassa, Florida, currently headed by High Priest Cerddwr Cysgodol.

Sacred Path Pagans is a Pagan shield organization (commonly known as a umbrella group) that is acknowledging of all life-affirming Paths and Tradiitons. We are a hybrid Church, teaching and practicing both in-person and virtually. We do not have one particular Path that we follow, though our practices tend to be naturalistic and ceremonial in-nature.

Our Associations & Affiliations have varying types of practices depending upon their path.
~Sacred Path Druid Order: Druidic Order of SPP, affiliated with Isle of Wight Order of Druids
~Scarlet Order: Thelemic Order of SPP, affiliated with the Ecclesia Gnostica Heterodoxa
~Wyzard Cubbard: Pagan support shoppe of SPP
~Pagan Path Publishing: publishing company associated with SPP (a new work-in-progress)
~Pagan Path Seminary: Religious Educational Institution of SPP
~Mystical Order of St. Cyprian: Independent Mystic Catholic Order of SPP

Walking the Sacred Path, our YouTube Channel

Pagan Path Seminary will be part of the March 30th Commission of Independent Education meeting to receive information on our recertification for our Letter of Exemption. If you are interested in partaking in or viewing this event, please click here to be taken to the updates page.

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  • Hey I am going to do the dedicant course with Sacred Shield for Samhain 2023 and so excited for it!! 🎃
  • Watch the video of our approval of the Religious Independent Education section meeting here:
  • If any are interested in watching, today, beginning at 9am EST, is the Commission of Independent Education meeting for Pagan Path Seminary. Today is the day the Commission will decide whether or not & which religious school will receive a Letter of Exemption for this coming year, allowing us to continue to grant recognized degrees within the state of Florida. There are two links that this may be viewed at.
    Our Microsoft Teams link where we can all chat and view:
    The direct Commission link on Zoom (I believe):
  • Hi! I consider my path to be Raelian but don't worry the non-violent message embraces the pagan belief.
    • Welcome @RichardtheRaelian!
  • On Thursday, March 30, the Florida Commission of Independent Education will be voicing approval/denial of our seminary, Pagan Path Seminary, for our recertification of our Letter of Exemption. If you are interested in taking part/viewing this event virtually, please visit the following to receive the most recent update:
  • This year beginning December 17 we will be hosting the 32 Days of Yuletide.
    If you are interested in joining us for this event, you may view more information at
    32 Days of Yuletide
    Join Sacred Path Pagan Church this Yuletide season for 32 evenings lasting between 20 to 30 minutes, where we will have a short time reviewing some c…
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