The Order of Crystal Harmony is an official Order of The Correllian Nativist Tradition which seeks to study and research all aspects of crystals


  • to discover where crystals come from and how they are mined/harvested

  • to discover how crystals form and their natural structures

  • to explore crystal energies, their frequencies and vibrations

  • to learn about how crystals can enhance physical well-being

  • to learn about how crystals can enhance emotional well-being

  • to learn about how crystals can enhance mental well-being

  • to learn about the healing properties of crystals

  • to learn about the spiritual properties of crystals

  • to discover how crystals can be used for divination purposes

  • to discover how crystals can be used in everyday life

  • to understand how crystals can work with the chakras

  • to explore different ways to be creative with crystals

  • to explore different methods of choosing, cleansing, caring for and storing crystals

  • to create a learning resource for others

  • to formulate lessons to teach others about crystals

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Clear Quartz

 Clear Quartz – paraphrased from The Pocket Book of Stones: Who The Are & What They Teach by Robert Simmons Clear Quartz is among the most abundant crystals upon Mother Earth (Gaia). Most versatile and multidimensional crystals out there. They are used in computers, crystal balls, great for knowledge storage and energy amplification. It is a stone of light, brings heightened spiritual awareness to whomever wears, carries, or meditates with it. c It can be used to help connect you to higher…

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