With Affiliates and Charters across the globe, it is our goal to attain wisdom and harmony through diversity and sharing of Universal esoteric knowledge. We are a judgement free Society and operate with Universal Love and compassion for all, where Free Will is our litmus for all things. Including the sanctity of Mother Earth. We believe all of us have Shadow and Ego to contend with and understand not everyone will reach an equilibrium or healing in this lifetime. We understand the unconditional nature of love and the power of what we do, as “magick” and that it is more than words invoked and we are more than the sum of our experiences.

Our Founding of National Black Hat Society was achievable through the fellowship of our National High Council Members along with Reverend Richoz, RN. National BHS has three principles that are at the core of its mission:

  • Support by sharing the Knowledge of our Elders as a science to ALL who seek it.

  • Preserve the timeless teachings of our Ancestors that are in alignment with the preservation of our society and Mother Earth within its place in the Universe.

  • Honor of ALL Paths and Practitioners in and around our Society, and those in the world community seeking to empower and transform themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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