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  • Hi! Feel pride for who you are.
  • Sorry to hear about the ritual tree. I'm one who believes that a great deal of the power of place comes from the spirits of the old trees and boulders who own the land. Please consider me a committee member although I can't travel much without enough notice to schedule an AccessRide to tote me out in my wheelchair. I'm always an ambassador for NPPD, and if you've read my recent timeline post, you will note my interest in establishing Lughnasa and Imbolc as major celebratory festivals every year (or every two or four years), in accordance with traditions. I hope to recruit the interest of others including you all in that possible venture.
    • Hi, Samm! I will let you know about our next committee meeting. We can set up a Zoom link if you can't make it in person.

      I really hate it about that tree. The energy is different without it there.
    • It's an irreplaceable loss, perhaps we can plant a sapling there as part of our rituals this fall, or something similar to work at restoring the power. Or maybe three trees: An Oak, an Ash, and a Hawthorn tree. We could build little stone circles around them with magickal protections. Or we might even make it four trees planted just outside the circle perimeter at the N, S, E, & W quartermarks. We should consider an affordable option and contact the park service to see what's been done by them and what we can do. I would contribute to the fund for that (I don't have much, but maybe ten or twenty bucks.)
  • We had our first committee today. Attendees were Lucy & Kyle Jameson, Junior Committee Members Autumn and Serena Cage, and myself. We measured Two Rivers Park for vendor spaces and quickly retreated to McDonalds where it was warmer for discussion! Jr members Autumn and Serena Cage inspected the playground and give it two thumbs up.

    We are always looking for committee members and volunteers. Please contact Lucy Jameson or myself if you are interested.

    We are very said to announce that the Ritual Tree is no more. It was damaged by a storm and had to come down.

    We are looking forward to a great Nashville Pagan Pride Day 2022, Saturday Oct 1.
  • Yay! Yaaay-rah!! Yahooooooooooooooo!!! Whoopee! Wahka-wahka-wahka-wahka!! Yippee!!! Yeehaw! Whoot-whoot-whoot!!!
    Yes, okay. I'll mark that on my calendar. Nashville Pagan Pride Day at Two Rivers Park. October 1st of 2022. Got it.
  • Hi Everybody! Just reserved Two Rivers Park for 10/01/2022! Mark your calendars!
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Lughnasadh and Imbolck Summer & Winter Games

NPPD (Nashville Pagan Pride Day) isn't enough pagan camaraderie for me.  I want to have celebrations and games every Imbolck and Lughnasadh, Winter and Summer Games to enhance the meanings those sabbats already have.  We could have simple local fairs with first harvest foods for Lughnasadh to celebrate the field harvest, and at Imbolck, properly enough for Brighid's Day, we could have livestock shows and domestic animals.  We could have athletic contests in both seasons, and maybe add some…

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