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  • Location: Virtual and Staged from Chicago
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So our cornerstone concert is a great $10 pledge, and has a lot of value. Here is more info: To pledge at WitchStarter.com

Pagan World Expo and Concert: August 19th, 2023, 10 am until ???
Virtual event, presented Live from Chicago.
Following the Parliament of the World’s Religions, where the largest convening of religious and Pagan leadership will have completed their meetings. We will present the Pagan World from Chicago, with live and recorded sessions. Artists and Music will be presented deeply felt and created from around the globe.

Key Note: Byron Ballard, Her Message from the Parliament
Opening Speech: Rev Mary Hawk, GM Pagan World
Special voice: Rev Don Lewis, Correllian Address from the Parliament
Closing: Ed Hubbard, Where do we go from here?
$10.00 ticket/virtual and physical

How will I access the Pagan Expo and Concert?

Once this Pagan World TV Project Kickstarter ends, we will send you a email acknowledging your pledge, with our gratitude, and with the website and connection for this event. On August 12th, we will send you a reminder, along with the latest information, including your key to open, the Pagan World Expo and Concert.

We will deliver this event to you through Pagan World platform, with a mainstage, several smaller stages, interactive chats and parlors, and social network which allows communication. For those with a ticket will be able to attend, and review any of the material we create for this event, live and in the future in recorded form.

Who will be performing at the concert?

The concert has many volunteers, and will be running all day from 10 am until ???. They will be concerts we recorded during the summer, performances particularly for parliament, and some great performances shared from the Parliament of the World’s Religions.
We are well known for our concerts online, and this will be our very best. We will be offering more on performers, as we move closer to this event.

Why only $10?

It feels too cheap. We believe in delivering quality events over the last 30 years. This is also our most ambitious. So far question.
As this is primarily a virtual event, the costs are in distribution, execution, and talent. In this event, we have taken care of each of these. The third talent, is a fortunate set of circumstances, we are able to gather due to the Parliament. So excellent speakers, excellent distribution, and a team that can execute. We decided scale is more important and better for us to focus on.
By buying this Pledge, Pagan Expo and Concert, you are helping create a global event, where we get to use and demonstrate our Pagan.world

So why $10? It is a price that we hope a lot of people will be able to afford, that allows us to give great value and a truly unique and historical moment in history, and gives us the best chance to scale.

So join us at WitchStarter.com


Ed Hubbard, CIO, Pagan World

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