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Citizen Charter Special


Pagan.World is the next gen project for the coming Metaverse.


Pagan.World is created as a hub for the Pagan Community to connect, communicate and share resources through networking and social broadcasting.  This offers even more access to you in exchange for your personal support today. In this way we can build the site now, and build it to last in the last for decades in the Metaverse.

The Project Visionary, Ed Hubbard, made a similar offer 20 years ago, a lifetime of magical education, for a one-time fee of $29.99. Those who chose to join have watched grow from a few classes to a full education system, a true Pagan Seminary online. The change in the magical world was opened even further when Witch School offered a free education. The Lifetime membership created the needed and initial foundation that has created blessings and happy people along the way.  Witch School remains and provides free and fee-based magical education 20 years later. Of course, Lifetime Memberships have not been available at Witch School for many years now.

Becoming a Pagan World Citizen now will be a chance to be ground floor to a truly transitional expression of our Pagan culture into the Digital world we are now within.   It’s an experimental site in which we will explore and create. Being a citizen means you have a voice within.

The Team behind this project have many projects in the past that have truly known the technology and continue to exist, including Magick TV (2005) and Pagans Tonight Radio Network (2009). So here is a chance, a bit of a risk, and the opportunity to be a part of something new.

Become a Pagan.World Citizen today.

Citizen Charter Special