For Pagan World Project is looking for local organizers to work with us to build an active directory and network. to discover local community and help connect them to the larger community.  We have discovered that having local recognition is best in building a community directory and network.

First duty: Help develop the local community map, with Pagan World Project.
Provide and share the directory of your local community. This includes, with consent, stores, businesses, services, groups, and events.

Pagan World can provide support including a group, website and community development tools, we can create a directory that is useful to local communities. This includes listings, images, podcasting and video capabilities. With local organizers we can support with regional and national organizations, we can really showcase the local community in a useful and fun way that can improve overall communication. Even better, we can help with tools for collaborative and cooperative success.

Join us at, and become a member.

Then contact us at, with where you would like to be a local community organizer for the Pagan World Directory.

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2/13/2023 EBSAT Meeting 5:00 PM PDT to 5:30 PM PDT – John Beckett shares Animism: A Foundation for Connecting to Nature

  • Description:

    “Animism: A Foundation for Connecting to Nature”

    Unlike what some of us were taught in school, animism is not a “primitive religion.” It’s a worldview: a way of understanding the universe, our place in it, and how we can relate to it all.


    (Picture of an invitation to the EBSAT meeting and John Beckett dressed in his Druid outfit…

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