Ethics and spellcasting in times of extreme political and behavioral upheaval 

Ethics and spellcasting in times of extreme political and behavioral upheaval 


Rev Paul Kapsar

created 06JUNE2022 posted 16JUN2022


The past 6 years or so have been troubling and challenging times for Pagans, and anyone not meeting the “conservative”, “patriots”,  “just like us” or as I am told “Old  Rich White Guys.” Any of us outside these groups feel stressed at the insanity we are being forced to endure. The current ongoing congressional hearings are brining the dirt to the forefront but are not likely to halt the drift into the chaos we are feeling. 


I have been contemplating the many and frequent comments I have heard from Pagans and others about he need to remove specific damaging, clueless, harmful, narcissistic people from our politics and our lives. 


I find it very sad and frustrating that while the Wiccan Rede is “And IT HARM NONE, Do as ye will” there are many writings by highly skilled devout Pagans of many belief systems who are creating spells to damage or remove from the planet specific individuals.


AND it HARM NONE jangles  to the forefront of my thoughts tangling with my beliefs , my ethical training, and my own frustrations,  every time I hear a comment wishing harm ….


No I am not that total passive pacifist, And I too want that type individual out of my area of operation just as badly as anyone does. I believe these individuals and group are vastly dangerous to our lives, our country, the world, and the all aspects of our individual and collective existence.

I just need to follow “AND IT  HARM NONE ….  Unless there are exigent circumstances. 


This conflictedness has really bothered and frustrated me particularly since someone very close to me has been repeating “there are just not enough bullets in the world to eliminate all these people” multiple times each day. I find this comment grating and off-putting while understanding the source as the depth of frustration being felt. 




In meditation last week the understanding that we build up one or more shields, or layers of armor, to deflect outside influences, keep our core beliefs  rigidly protected and most especially to avoid feeling the emotions associated with our actions. No emotions, no stress, no change or growth.


For part of my working life I was a bedside Emergency/Trauma/ ICU Nurse all of which require a level of conscious and unconscious armor. 

Some additional examples:


Pick a big inner city emergency department and see how callous some staff have become, they just treat you as a number and do not respond to the pain and suffering around them (this is not a slam on the staff it is just shields thick and stuck. I have been in their position and am still recovering 20+ years later) 

Emergency call centers - today we found the dispatcher in Buffalo who hung up on the TOPS  callers because she didn’t have time for someone whispering.


The police have some under scrutiny for callous behavior


And now we come to the those whose only actions are dedicated to obtaining and gaining power for the sake of having power over others - politicians, the billionaires, the church leaders who fail to admit their are abuses in their faith systems, “TORWG’s” (The Old Rich White Guys) - though this is not universal and there are plenty of females who support the TORWG beliefs and actions, and sadly the current US Supreme Court has demonstrated at best a ‘tin ear.’ 


Each of these groups represents people not in-touch with themselves I.e. they have closed off from the emotions and needs of others, demonstrated an arrogance that their point of view (POV) is the only one that matters. There shields prevent them from grasping any aspect of the impact of their behaviors.




How should we, in keeping with the Rede, respond to these people …. Let’s not go after them with bullets, or harming spells, or obstructions spells. But use spells to get past the shields and armor. Shred the shields.


Create shield shredding intention spells. Remove the shields and armor to expose these people and groups to the world outside their bubble. 


My intention is to remove the shields of those who are blinded to the status or others, these whose only goal in life is to obtain self power, those who use power to control and subjugate others - I intend for them to be exposed to the same stimuli they force on others to develop an understanding of life so they develop the ability to positively modify their behaviors. 


Shredding shields does not harm them directly however allows for their own behaviors to be refuted then impact themselves in a manner appropriate to their behaviors. 


We will continue to be able to follow And IT HARM NONE, Do as ye will in an ethical and genuine manner.


Blessed Be


Rev Paul Kapsar


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Author: Rev Paul Kapsar

Paul’s Wiccan journey began in early 2000 and after studying many paths decided to follow the Correllian Nativist path. He met the qualifications for First Degree Clergy in 2006 and has continued his low key studies while letting his learning percolate into his life.

After a substantial time and additional study he met the qualification to apply for Second Degree Clergy in September 2018. He was recognized as meeting the requirements for Second Degree Correllian Nativist Clergy as of 20 January 19 Aquarius (01/20/2019 CE) approval.

Paul is a Family Nurse Practitioner who believes in caring for the entire person - mental, physical, and spiritual aspects. He has been providing care at many levels for over forty five years now. Paul provides medical support to local fire circles and all night rituals.

SilverArc APN, named for the slice of the Mother Goddess that appears in the sky each month, is where Paul and his team apply the principles of the Wiccan Rede and the Correllian Nativist path to provide you with the wellness you prefer, not that which is dictated by your insurance company.

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